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I have participated in a large number of exhibitions in Art Associations, Galleries and Art Markets. With each new project, commission or series of paintings I take on, I gain additional experience and more knowledge about working with various painting materials and train my painting skills focussing on ever-evolving creativity and attention to detail. I am also a member of a large Danish Art Association Kunstsamlingen (www.kunstsamlingen.dk - Ina Wittbold) and in connection with this I continuously participate in group shows in Denmark. Some of my works have been used for high quality artprints which are sold by www.arthus.dk - Ina Wittbold. Continue browsing to see examples of my work and learn more about my career.


About My Work

An Inspiring Journey

I am Ina Wittbold / IWI ART - www.inawittbold.com As long as I can remember, I have had a deep love for painting and a passion for creativity. I have gained valuable experience by working on some great projects throughout my career. I am working mostly on abstract, detail oriented paintings, and enjoy to craft pieces with compelling stories. Recent series ‘From Home’ and ‘Await Relief’ describe imaginary views from home during lockdown periods. In both series I am trying to convey on hope and positivity. 
Exhibitions: Upcoming: Dragør Havnegalleri, DAB, Lundbeck, Lederne

Previous: Galleri Pialeh, RIAS, DISA, Dansk Metal, AmagerVærk, Kunstkarussel, Art Nordic 2021, Trelleborg, PWC, Soroptimisterne, FOSS, Design&Håndværk, Hvidovre Hospital, Horsens Boligdage, Aalborg Intercomp, København Intercomp, Rockwool, Ankestyrelsen, SUH, DA, Deloitte, Kunstbygningen Filosoffen, Kunst Lyngby, Forårsudstillingen Egedal, X-Porten, My Beautiful Gallery, Holbæk Sygehus, Open Gallery, Lions Club, Soroptimisterne, Kunst i Prismen, Vejle Bibliotekerne, Frederiksberg Hospital, …



Get in touch to learn more about my work and professional career, or to suggest a new project or an exhibtion. 

2770 Kastrup, Danmark

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